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Face 2 Face

F2F (face to face) is always the winner

The online world, the internet, social media and all the virtual communications have their place in our world and within our school. However, the notion of face to face is always the best form of communication and the place where... Read more

Chocolate Making

Real world connections stretch beyond the classroom walls

Every week our classrooms stretch beyond the four walls of the physical space. Last week we had a number of outstanding opportunities that allowed our students to connect, learn and reflect. The Year 11 Hospitality class,... Read more

Hub Boys

What it takes to navigate the world…Learning dispositions

At UHS we are continuing to refine and reflect the best way to support the intellectual, social and emotional growth of our students. Students will require a complex combination of dispositions, skills, values and attitudes to be... Read more

A world class school that builds creative, entrepreneurial and innovative young people with 21st Century skills through collaboration with outstanding teachers who are leaders in learning. Care, kindness and respect are paramount at the UHS "Summit".
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